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TOPIC: What’s Been Happening In Brisbane?

What’s Been Happening In Brisbane? 2 years 1 week ago #5648

Answer: Stuff and things!

Some people have requested updates on what’s been happening in Brisbane lately. So here’s what your friendly northern Juggers have been up to the for the past couple of months.

New Clubs
We have a few new clubs at various stages of development around Brisbane.

Most notable is QUT Jugger, which is a part of the Queensland University of Technology. They have been holding training sessions on Sundays prior to our Jugger Brisbane sessions and several Brisbane players have been acting as coaches and helping out with their training. The club is small but the regulars are very keen.

Nick from Gympie is keen to start up a Gympie club and has reached out to us for advice and support. He came to see us at the Kilcoy show (see below) and is already building spars. Brisbane will organise an event day up there soon.

Siobhan, a former Brisbane Jugger put out a put out a call for expressions of interest from Ipswich locals to get a club going out there. Not much has happened on that front so far but an expo game out there might be on the cards in the future.

Kilcoy Show
Jugger Brisbane was invited to demo the sport at the Kilcoy Show again this year. Several Brisbane Juggers attended, and though it is a fairly small show those that joined in had a lot of fun. We ran some games at scheduled times and did general sparring and coaching during the rest of the day. Some attendees turned out to be Brisbane locals, so we may see them at our regular games in the future.

Brisbane Tournament Announced for July 2nd/3rd
Brisbane have announced the dates and some vague details for our 2016 Tournament. A two-day event designed to aid in the development of new teams and building strong local competition. Day one is dedicated to training drills and team building, while day two is the tournament proper. We are aiming to engage the new players that have been turning up recently and QUT Jugger, and encourage them to form teams for the event.
More details on this to come in the coming weeks.

Core Order
We ordered cores for personal spars, but also bought 10 for the club to sell. They were sold at $10 each with the profit going towards supporting Jugger Brisbane. They are all gone already, netting a profit of $34.50 for the club, which was promptly spent on repairing other gear. I did not expect them to sell so quickly, next time we will probably have to buy more.

Upcoming Event: Gympie Demo Game
We will be organising a Gympie Demonstration Game for a weekend in the near future, much like has been done in the past for Newcastle and Toowoomba.

That’s all for recent months, expect more updates like this in the future.

Jugger Brisbane, spreading the word of the One True Dogskull.
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What’s Been Happening In Brisbane? 1 year 11 months ago #5693

Thanks for the shout out. We're progressing well, and learning as we go. Most of all, we can't wait for your invasion in a couple of weeks.

Nick aka Woodstock (until I'm renamed by the club)
Never fear, Woody's here.
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