Get Ready for Jugger in 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018 Ben Droste

Welcome to 2018 Juggers! Hope you all had a good break over the holidays after the awesomeness of the DUI, because now it’s time to get hyped for Jugger 2018!

It’s already shaping up to be an awesome year for Jugger, with a number of local tournaments, events, and another Redbacks tour. Check out the attached calendar for the events so far! Here’s a quick rundown of each of them: 

Throughout February and March the Queensland clubs are holding Open Days to promote and grow their local clubs. A day of fun, games, and a BBQ followed by a screening of the I Am Jugger documentary at a local venue.

In April Newcastle will be hosting this year’s Australian Jugger Open. If you can only travel to one Aussie tournament this year, make it this one!

Also in April and continuing into May and June, the Queensland clubs are holding their inaugural South East Queensland competition - the Tri-Jugger Cup! Teams from Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Gympie will meet on the field for a series of ranked games spaced over the three competition days, before culminating in finals on the third day. This competition is only open to QLD based teams, teams from interstate should keep an eye out for the Brisbane tournament (see below).

Also in June is the first international event of the year, Järnsvenskan in Sweden. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find enough players to send an Aussie team over this time, but if you do happen to attend and find a merc spot be sure to do us proud :)

Coming up in July is the Brisbane Jugger Open, inviting Juggers from around the country to compete in the sweltering Brisbane winter heat. Due to the proposed date for this event being so close to the Irish tournament, it may be shifted a week or two earlier if we find it proves inconvenient for a lot of traveling juggers. We’ll keep you posted.

And speaking of travel, the end of the year is pretty looking pretty huge for international competition. August will see the Irish International and Latvian Jugger Open (Jugger Latvia tells me the date for this event it 90% certain), while September includes the Mile High Open and the Deutsche Juggermeisterschaft. What’s more, 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of Australian Juggers touring for international competition! While nothing has been set in stone yet as to which tournaments the Aussies will attend, we’d love to make it something special to mark the occasion. The timing and location of these events will make it tricky for a tour to include all four, but I think it’s reasonable to consider Latvia will be high on the cards, and we might at least get a few stray Aussies finding their way to Ireland or the US as mercs. Expect a lot more discussion around the Redbacks tour over the coming months.

Lastly, you can finish off your big year off jugger in September at this year’s Canberra Cup.

Sound like a massive year? Well there’s more. Canberra is also looking at hosting a Jugger Masterclass thanks to the positive feedback from last year’s event in Melbourne. And Jamesy is currently in discussion with our friends across the Tasman regarding an Australia vs New Zealand tournament to take place on the Kiwi’s home turf.

Expect more info about these events later in the year as things become more finalized.

An exciting year for Jugger indeed! This calendar will be updated throughout the year as details are finalized and new events are announced.

Sound good? Get hyped for Jugger 2018!


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