Motley Crew

Motley Crew
Motley Crew

The Premiere Purveyors of Plan B, Motley Crew first took to the field in Canberra in 2013 when Double A played his first tourney for a mercenary team and came up with a name off the cuff.

Reforming again under Double A and Nikki B as a semi permanant outfit in 2016, the Crew took on remenants of defunct teams such as Skullduggery and Flaily Wailies.  With few permanant members, The Motley Crew is the touring merc team of the North, taking on members like a touring rock'n'roll band.  They even have shiny merchandise (jerseys) thanks to the efforts of Chloe Cuddihy, Sara Lawson and Ben Droste (thanks guys!) so sign on for a leg of a tour and get one of your very own!

Along the way they've come 2nd in the 2016 Canberra tournament, participated in the first ever Australian International tourney (the Down Under International, or DUI) and recenty came 3rd in the 2018 Newcastle Tourney.

As a team who puts fun before competition, while still being proud of their achievements, the Motley Crew look forward to riding the Livewire and being Jugger's Dr Feelgood for many years to come.  Keep on Rockin' in the Free World, baby!

Past touring members: 

2013 Canberra - Claire Reeves, Dave P., Wolves, Beau Olsen (Canberra)
2016 Canberra - Stimpy, Karrot (Kaine and Garret)
2017 DUI - the fiend, Claire Reeves, Claire Stasse, E.J., Kaine, Lukas Summerer (Germany)
2018 Newcastle - Tasi, Olli, Ben Droste, Stimpy, Caleb Lucas (Gympie)


Double A
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Nikki B
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