Legends of The One True Dog Skull


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The first Brisbane Jugger Team. 


Team Data

City: Brisbane / Melbourne / Canberra

Colours: Grey/Silver and Black with a dagger in the back!

Team since: 2004










Unwilling Captain: Adam Horsten

Genetic supply: Christian Garcia
Alternate Genetic Material: Clone

Gypsy and Wanderer: Wendy Musgrove

Foreigner Scum/Token Kiwi: Haz Hasler

Flying Pirate: Soul Smith

The Pi-ed Pirate: Cake Reeves

Ninja Energizer Battery: Double A


Those who came before

On secondment and secret agent business: Tony Crooks

Tactics and International Resourcing: Garth Lane

Damaged beyond repair Qwik: Glenn Jones

MIA: Rory Hills

MIA: Liam Hills

MIA: Paul van Eyk



Successes: All of them, undefeated. 

2016 - Brisbane Tournament
2015 - Brisbane Tournament
2012 - Homburg (Germany) friendly Australian Rules Games

2012 - Australian Tournament
2011 - Australian Tournament

2007-2010 Brisbane Tournament
2005 - Brisbane 'Juggerfest' - Waterford West