Membership FAQ

The Australian Jugger League offers paid memberships for those who wish take a more active role in supporting their local club and the league more broadly.


Q: Why should I join?
A: In contrast to the fun and enjoyment you will get from Jugger, the cost of membership is minor, and relative to other sports or activities it is extremely low.

Running Jugger each week incurs costs for the clubs through wear and tear on the sets of club gear provided for people to use. This gear requires regular maintenance to ensure it is safe for use, which costs both time and money.

Your membership enables Jugger to grow. Being a national body, our aim is towards expanding Jugger within Australia to include more locations and players, which in turns facilitate more fun for you through tournaments.

Financial membership also ensures coverage by the AJL's public liability insurance.

Q: How do I join?
A: To join the Australian Jugger League email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  a request to join. You will then be sent the bank account details for the bank transfer to pay for membership.

Please note it is required by law to provide your real name and address.

Q: What does it cost to join?
A: Current membership fees are $50 per annum.

Q: Where does my membership fee go?
A: The majority of your membership is spent on your local club, to be used for gear repair, equipment purchase or social events. If no club is available it is allocated to the needs of promoting and facilitating Jugger in the region, in order to develop a community from which a local club may grow.

The remainder of your membership fee will go towards the costs of running and growing Jugger nationally. This includes public liability insurance, running tournaments, international representation, national growth and promotion, and the annual costs for keeping The Australian Jugger League as a Nationally Registered body, incorporated in QLD.

Q: What is the membership structure?
A: The entry level of membership is as an Associate Member, and the next level is Ordinary Membership.

Q: What does membership provide me?
A: This varies between membership levels. As an Associate Member you have the right to vote for the elected executive committee and are covered by the AJL's public liability insurance. As an Ordinary Member you may stand for elected positions in the executive committee, as well as voting for core aspects of jugger enshrined in the constitution, such as game rules.

Q: How do I become an Ordinary Member?
A: After 12 months of active membership you can apply for Ordinary Membership. You will also need to be sponsored by a current Ordinary Member. To apply, talk to your local representative on the executive committee or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

At the next general meeting your promotion to Ordinary Membership will be discussed (in terms of sportmanship/fairplay, being an active member and etc) and voted on, after which Ordinary status may be conferred. You will be notified by writing as to your status.

Q: How often are meetings?
A: Our AGM usually occurs sometime between July and September. Special General Meetings are less frequent and will have 4 weeks notice. Executive committee meetings happen at least every 4 months (usually more often) to discuss membership applications, approve funds and work on growing Jugger as a sport nationally.

Q: When is the Annual General Meeting(AGM)?
A: The precise date varies but the AGM is generally held in late August or early September.

Q: What if I cannot attend a Special General Meeting or Annual General Meeting (e.g. inter-state members)?
A: All general meetings convened will host group chats with audio (such as Skype), to ensure the opinions and votes of all members can be included, with a person physically present at the meeting tasked with facilitating such interactions. You can also give your proxy to another person (who does not have to be a member) by providing a signed statement. Your proxy can raise issues for you and vote according to your wishes.

Q: How can I vote by proxy, what rights does my proxy have?
A: Through the completion of the proxy form provided on the website, a financial member may confer their rights to another individual provided the completed proxy form is received by the secretary before the start of the meeting.

A proxy may be a member of the association or another person, so long as they will be physically or digitally present at the meeting. The proxy can vote or voice opinions, and is also conferred the authority to demand or join in demanding a secret ballot. Unless otherwise instructed by the appointor, the proxy may vote as the proxy considers appropriate.