So I Hear You Like Tournaments, Bro?

Friday, 13 November 2015 A.L. Anderson

Well prepare to get excited then because hot off the heels of our Melbourne mini-tourney comes a raft of tournament announcements both domestic and international!  In addition our end of year events are fast approaching, so let's take a quick peek...


21st November 2015 - Toowoomba mini Tournament

Queens Park Toowoomba from 1pm - $10 adults, $5 children

Toowoomba invites Brisbane (all comers really) to invade the Highlands and take on the Dragons in glorious battle. Tournament starts at 3pm.  


12th December - Op Shop Melee Canberra

Glebe Park, Canberra - 11:00am

Get down to the Thrift Shop, deck yourself out in the most outrageous clobber and kit you can find for $20 and then strut your stuff on the Jugger pitch.  Hijinks probably likely to ensue.  Also, a sausage sizzle.


20th December  - Final games day Brisbane

New Farm Park - 1pm

As is tradition we finish our season with the craziest thing possible - 4 way Jugger! That's right folks, four teams, four mounds, one skull - let the crazy begin!  Perhaps this will be the year we  go full retard and play THE VARIANT THAT WILL NOT BE NAMED 4 way style?  You never know, it all depends on how Fiendish our Brisbane chief feels, so come on down and join in the fun.  May include Dragons and a sausage sizzle (perhaps)


First Quarter 2016 - Australian Tourney, Newcastle

Exact dates/venue tbc.  Newcastle though... hopefully.

After hosting a mini-tourney in 2014, Newcastle has expressed interest to host the Australian Tourney in 2016. With their strong showing in Brisbane in 2015 we know the NovaCastrians take their Jugger seriously, so come prepared!


4th June, 2016 - Metallsvenskan

Orebro, Sweden

What's better than a Metal (music) Festival, in Sweden, next to a gigantic waterpark? One that also hosts an International Jugger Tournament!  The Drop-Bears will be touring again to Sweden to further their glorious reputation on the world stage.  Look out below!


August/September 2016 - Deutsche Meisterschaft Tour

Exact dates/venues tbc

This is it folks, the big one, the DM!  With the Redbacks looking to field multiple teams it's time to start saving your pennies.  DM tours are considered the top of the range Jugger experience, so don't miss out!




The excitement is real!  International teams coming for an East Coast Tour culminating in an Australian Rules tournament where we showcase circle starts and the supreme power of a Qwik that can fore-arm block! (disclaimer - not really all that powerful, actually)

With strong intention to attend being voiced from countries as far-flung as Ireland and America it's bound to be a melting (in Brisbane, perhaps literally) pot of international Juggery goodness.  Is your body ready?


For more information on a specific tournament check the tournament listings in the forums and keep your eyes on the Jugger Australis Facebook page for any events created.  Happy Juggering folks!

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