Wednesday, 18 November 2015 A.L. Anderson

Jugger on Toasted TV!

When I was a kid it was Cheez TV and required daily viewing to keep up on all things Dragonball Z.  Now Toasted TV, it's stated mission is to bring their demographic (7-14) info on what's hot on the playground - so naturally they had to come find out about Jugger!
Jono and Ollie joined a motley selection of Brisbane Juggers in beautiful Robinson Park, Fairfield, to learn about the Way of the One True Dogskull!  To catch the broadcast of all the hijinks that ensued (hopefully including Ollie being the sacrificial meat shield against a horde of mini-juggers while Jono scored a sneaky flanking skull - glorious work boys!) tune in to channel 11 from 6am on 29th of November.



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