2013-2014 Review and Thank you!

Friday, 22 August 2014 Wendy

Over the last year, many projects have been on the go for the Australian Jugger League that deserve a bit of recognition to the people who spent their time and effort to get them off the ground and happening successfully. I would like to take this stolen opportunity to do my best to ensure that everyone's help is recognised. Not everything is listed, I tried to group items as well. 

This should also help ...

...as something to refer to when people ask where their membership money goes, or when people ask what the committee does. 


Website: Wendy, Kylii, Adam - design and domain hosting. Ben (graphical content), Soul, Cake, Dave, Redbeard, Linus (Germany).

Logo comp: All competitors, voters and Ann-Marie for the wonderful design that was chosen.

Instafield: Wendy.

Redbacks shirt designs: started Adam H, edits Haz, Final design Ben.

Creation of a scoreboard: “Fist of Glory”: fiend.

Gear mules: Ben, fiend, Steve.

Quietly repairing gear in the background: Ben.


Canberra Tournament & National meeting: Clone, Wendy, fiend, Cake, Claire S, Steve C (hosting).

NYE secret event: Cake, Soul, Redbeard, Adam H (initial contact), fiend, Redbeard’s Dad’s friend (for picking up the car).

Newcastle Tournament: Claire S, Riley, Wendy, fiend, Clone and all participants.

Final game BBQ and event, Brisbane: fiend, Wendy, Steve and Tiana.

Hackerspace cross-promotion/Gear repair workshops/BBQs: fiend, Wendy - and everyone who came along to the different days to help.

Scouts and Rovers demonstrations: Everyone who took the time to show up and help out, these were great events!

Toowoomba Jugger event: Wendy, Stuart - and to the participants and drivers.


Constitution changes and National Registration: Wendy, Adam H, Cake.

Playing Rules: Cake. Everyone who took part in the rational discussions and submitted their votes.


Sponsorship for Redbacks jerseys: fiend, Wendy.


Get Going Grant: Cake, Wendy.

Updated equipment specs & re-emphasized the role of safety in Jugger: Soul.


All the paperwork updating, keeping the committee in session and busy: Cake.


Canberra Jugger League acceptance into the AJL: Michael A, Clone, Wolfman, and the rest of our newest members. Welcome!


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