2014 - Let's get started

Sunday, 09 February 2014 simon feeney

Welcome from the Grand Poobah

The first game of 2014 for Brisbane will be played this afternoon (Canberra and other regions haven't had to hide from the heat as much as we have) and we're looking forward to seeing a lot of happy faces, today(and every Sunday afternoon).


There's a lot of things that your Management Committee have already been working on, in the background for this coming year. The new look website, spar improvements, rules revisions, new logo, promotions and reviewing our constitution have all been part of our summer "break".



The biggest piece of news to start the year off is our intention to hold the first away game for the Australian Championship in Newcastle on ANZAC weekend, Saturday the 26th of April. Brisbane and Canberra teams are preparing to meet each other on the field of battle. We'll welcome any other teams from around our nation and around the world to attend, if they can.


We're planning on attending the Jugger Meisterschaft in late September, dates TBC and we'd love to have two full teams of players to take with us, so start saving your 5c pieces so you can enjoy the full experience of the largest gathering of jugger players.


And remember, support crew are welcome to travel with, as well.


There is an Irish tournament that we would love to see Australian players attending, but it will not be the focus of the Management Committee, this year... So go, if you can, we're looking forward to hearing all about it...


In closing, if there is something you'd like to address to myself or to any other member of the Management Committee, or any area that you'd like to volunteer your time to help, let us know. If you have an idea and don't tell us, nothings going to change...


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