2015 Jugger!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015 Wendy

Jugger has begun for 2015 in Canberra, Toowoomba and Newcastle already with Brisbane looking forward to their first official game of the year on the 2nd of February. There are many exciting things happening in all things Jugger Australis!


January greets out first international jugger visitor with games in Brisbane on the 25th of January to show Austria how we play. 


2015 will be a year of tournaments with so few long weekends, cities need to claim dates for hosting ASAP. 


There are still rumours of Newcastle juggers visiting Brisbane (and Toowoomba) in February. Dates to be announced soon. 


Invasion of America *cough* TOURNAMENT in Denver, Colorado June 6th, planning is well underway - if you are interested in attending and have the money see the forum post. A side-trip to Sweden for the Metal Jugger fest the week before is on the cards for those with the cash! I highly recommend it - it is amazing!


New Zealand have asked for a tournament in the first half of 2015 - anyone interested in doing this or attending, the AJL national committee (Wendy, Wolfman, Cake, Haz) are organising this with juggeroz/Adam. 


Coming in with the new year is updated Spar Specifications. The work-in-progress has been open for comment for 2 months and is now in final stages. Ideally this will come into effect February. 


Fantastic news! A grant has been awarded to the Brisbane Jugger club. We are very proud to have received our first grant! Kudos to the people involved in making this happen. 

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