Down Under International 2017 Has Come to a Close

Friday, 20 October 2017 Ben Droste

The final stone has sounded on Australia's biggest, bestest, and most awesomest Jugger tournament ever. With 16 teams competing and over five countries represented, it was an event to remember!

From the lovely heat of Brisbane, to the golden beaches of the nothern NSW coast, to sunny Newcastle, to green gass of Canberra, it was an epic Jugger journey and the Australian Jugger League wants to thank all attendees, organisers, and supporters for helping to make it such an unforgettable experience.

In particular we loved seeing such a great international turnout. Thank you to the Wild Geese from Ireland/Germany, the Bratherings from Germany, the Spartans from the USA, the Blackswords from New Zealand, and to the various mercs from other regions far and wide - the Aussies were thrilled to welcome you to our local Jugger fields, and you are all welcome back any time ;)

It was great to also see such a huge Australian turnout (and so many sweet new jerseys) - never have so many Aussie teams met in one place! No doubt we can expect some great local tournaments in the future.

But for now, go home, get some rest, and keep an eye out for the tournament videos - coming soon(ish)!

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