Hackerspace open for Jugger

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 Wendy

On the dark and lonely night of Tuesday the 19th of November fiend and Wendy wandered out to Eagle Farm with the aid of a bus. We were searching for.... a space... and like minded people, what we found surpassed our expectations. 


fiends printerHSBNEAmid the cluster of shipping containers that is the old Port of Brisbane, we found a fence dispalying the HSBNE logo on a flame. Walking in we were confronted by a central space with many half-completed projects, surrounded by a circle of smaller buildings. There was clearly a lot of action happening in one particular building so we straightened up, tugged our Jugger jerseys into prominance and prepared to be delighted. We were not disappointed.


Upon entry into the building of action, we were immediately confronted with many people smiling and laughing and creating. We walked in, barely started with introductions before an aluminium sword created from left over cans was produced. There were 3D printers working away on the latest design, cast moulding setup being prepared. A group of people in a circle of computers were happily programming and designing away. There was electronic circuitry pulled apart and being repurposed. A flurry of activity. 


That was just one building... there were several more. There are woodworking, metalworking, and chemical areas - amongst others. As well as a working safety shower. A video room proudly displayed a green screen with cameras set up for full motion capture. Everytime we turned around there was something else to see and someone proud about creating it. 


We chatted over the BBQ, a regular event of the Hackerspace Open Days/Nights I am told. Many people there showed interest in Jugger, in particular the design and making of our equipment. Looking forward to the combined Spar building workshop/open day event on the 7th of December. Click on the link or visit Events and Venues for more information. 

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