The New Management

Friday, 22 August 2014 Wendy

The Australian Jugger League has waved farewell to the old structure and welcomed in new management along with a new structure. 


The Australian Jugger League Executive committee:


The Red Queen (president): Wendy (myself)

Alpha Wolf (vice president): Aaron/Wolfman

Penny Dreadful (treasurer): Claire R/Cake

The Scarlet Letter* (secretary): Haz/Redheadpunk


The Canberra Jugger League:

Alpha Wolf: Aaron/Wolfman

Quartermaster/Safety: Clone

Admin: Michael


The Brisbane Jugger League:

Alpha: Simon/the fiend

Beta (Safety Officer): B... Soul  

Gamma: Claire R/cake 


* Made up name for my amusement


Anything local to Jugger in Brisbane and Canberra such as running of games and local events/demonstrations will be looked after by the local committees.

The executive committee will be looking after everything else with the main goals of promoting Jugger, budgeting to ensure funds for Jugger are distributed fairly and to ensure that national co-operation and events such as tournaments are supported. 


As always - committee members will ask you to help, they ask for volunteers to help out all the time, please assist in any way you can to minimise the amount of work they do to ensure you get to play Jugger every week. 


Keep each other safe and have fun this year everyone!

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