World Masters Results 2014

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 Claire Reeves


Congratulations to the Redbacks on their ranking in Villingen for the Jugger World Masters 2014! They came in 25th (top half!) and beat their ranking from 2012. 


A shout-out to the previously untested Set-backs.  59th out of 65 for a team formed by players from both north and south of the equator, some of whom had never met until just before the tournament.




The final four this year were:

Rigor Mortis 1(Berlin, Germany)               1st place
Tercios Espaniol (Murcia, Spain)              2nd place
Zonenkinder (Jena
, Germany)                  3rd place
Die Leere Menge (
Greifswald, Germany)   4th place


I can’t wait to see what new mini-games, techniques and spar construction tips come back to AussieLand with our players when they return to Brisbane and Canberra.


Well done, all!

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