Get Ready for Jugger in 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018. - Ben Droste

Welcome to 2018 Juggers! Hope you all had a good break over the holidays after the awesomeness of the DUI, because now it’s time to get hyped for Jugger 2018!

It’s already shaping up to be an awesome year for Jugger, with a number of local tournaments, events, and another Redbacks tour. Check out the attached calendar for the events so far! Here’s a quick rundown of each of them: 

Throughout February and March the Queensland clubs are holding Open Days to promote and grow their local clubs. A day of fun, games, and a BBQ followed by a screening of the I Am Jugger documentary at a local venue.

Also starting in March and continuing into April and May, Canberra are hosting a round of three competition days, with teams local to Canberra and Newcastle encouraged to sign up and compete.

April is a huge month. First up Newcastle will be hosting this year’s Australian Jugger Open. If you can only travel to one Aussie tournament this year, make it this one!

The very next weekend is the 1st New Zeaand Jugger League Tournament. The kiwi’s are inviting up to four teams from around the world to come along, and Australia has been invited. New Zealand’s Blackswords had a good showing at the DUI last year, so we look forward to returning the favour in April.

Lastly in April and continuing into May and June, the Queensland clubs are holding their inaugural South East Queensland competition - the Tri-Jugger Cup! Teams from Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Gympie will meet on the field for a series of ranked games spaced over the three competition days, before culminating in finals on the third day. This competition is only open to QLD based teams, teams from interstate should keep an eye out for the Brisbane tournament (see below).

Also in June is the first international event of the year, Järnsvenskan in Sweden. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to find enough players to send an Aussie team over this time, but if you do happen to attend and find a merc spot be sure to do us proud :)

Coming up in July is the Brisbane Jugger Open, inviting Juggers from around the country to compete in the sweltering Brisbane winter heat. A good opportunity for some local competition before setting off to Europe.

And speaking of travel, the end of the year is pretty looking pretty huge for international competition. August will see the Irish International and Latvian Jugger Open, while September includes the Mile High Open and the World Championships. What’s more, 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of Australian Juggers touring for international competition! The Redbacks have been registered for Ireland and Latvia, and will be registered for the German tournament as soon as registration opens. It’s shaping up to be the biggest Jugger tour ever, so if you’re interested in joining the Redbacks as they galavant around Europe, be sure to join the Facebook event here. Expect a lot more discussion around the Redbacks tour over the coming months.

Lastly, you can finish off your big year off jugger in September at this year’s Canberra Cup.

An exciting year for Jugger indeed! This calendar will be updated throughout the year as details are finalized and new events are announced.

Sound good? Get hyped for Jugger 2018!


2018 calendar

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Down Under International 2017 Has Come to a Close

Friday, 20 October 2017. - Ben Droste

The final stone has sounded on Australia's biggest, bestest, and most awesomest Jugger tournament ever. With 16 teams competing and over five countries represented, it was an event to remember!

From the lovely heat of Brisbane, to the golden beaches of the nothern NSW coast, to sunny Newcastle, to green gass of Canberra, it was an epic Jugger journey and the Australian Jugger League wants to thank all attendees, organisers, and supporters for helping to make it such an unforgettable experience.

In particular we loved seeing such a great international turnout. Thank you to the Wild Geese from Ireland/Germany, the Bratherings from Germany, the Spartans from the USA, the Blackswords from New Zealand, and to the various mercs from other regions far and wide - the Aussies were thrilled to welcome you to our local Jugger fields, and you are all welcome back any time ;)

It was great to also see such a huge Australian turnout (and so many sweet new jerseys) - never have so many Aussie teams met in one place! No doubt we can expect some great local tournaments in the future.

But for now, go home, get some rest, and keep an eye out for the tournament videos - coming soon(ish)!

dui group

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The Down Under International website is live!

Thursday, 25 May 2017. - Ben Droste

Things are moving qwikly towards the big event at the end of this year -  the Down Under International! The event now has an official website, and on it you'll find info about the tour itinary, the rulesets, the two tournaments, and a bunch of other stuff.

And most importantly, it includes player registration forms.

So head on over to to check it out and register yourself or your team!


The Down Under International is Jugger Australia's first international tournament, two awesome tournaments and one super-fun roadtrip held over the following dates:

23 & 24 September                 Brisbane          International rules tournament

28 September                         Newcastle        Group training session

30 September & 1 October     Canberra         Australian rules tournament

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2017 Down Under International

Sunday, 18 September 2016. - Claire Reeves

Tournament dates and details

Dates for the first ever Down Under International Jugger tournament/s and road trip have been announced! We are pulling out all the stops to put on an awesome show in 2017. You now have a year to prepare your body.


Jugger Dates

23 & 24 September                 Brisbane          International rules tournament

28 September                         Newcastle        Group training session

30 September & 1 October     Canberra         Australian rules tournament

You can also join us for the road trip between Brisbane and Canberra where the locals will show you the sights.

DUI website



JUGGERS!! The 2017 Down Under International tournament is coming up quick and we have all the details for you!!
Each team will have the option to join in a large road trip down the gorgeous east coast of Australia starting in Brisbane and ending in Canberra. These are the dates for the tournament and plan for the road trip so far:

Our road trip begins with a tournament in sunny and warm Brisbane 23rd - 24th of September. This tournament will be international rules so all the teams can have some fun and play with a rule set closer to their own. We are also planning a few meet ups around this time so juggers can mingle and get to know each other, travel and sight-see.

From Brisbane our road trip will take the teams to areas down the east coast including a stop at the Gold Coast, famous for golden beaches and theme parks.

From there we continue down to Newcastle for a large training session on the 28th of September. At this training session teams will be taught Australian jugger rules, including the circle, extra pompfen types etc.

After Newcastle we head down to the capital of Australia, Canberra. The tournament dates for Canberra are the 30th of September to the 1st of October. You will be playing Australian rules against teams that have skills and tactics you haven't yet seen!

These are the key dates so you can make your plans. We will continue to update with details as we get closer to the tournaments. Currently we are looking into having drivers for teams and large meet ups in cities in between Brisbane and Canberra. There are also international teams that are organising their own transport so they can continue travel afterwards.


Register your team's attendance:
Opportunities for mercenaries to join teams are welcome and will be organised closer to the date.

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Juggers on a Plane...

Thursday, 11 August 2016. - Claire Reeves the USA, NZ, Ireland and Germany

Winter 2016 has become the season for the Aussie Juggers to get their passports out and travel to meet other Juggers across the Globe. The Super Strayans took on the USA, SoulCake had a whirlwind visit to New Zealand and the Redbacks are beginning to spin their webs across Europe.

The Super Strayans, resplendent in orange, crossed the ocean and landed in Arizona, celebrated 4th of July in ‘Murica and made their way to Colorado where they placed 1st (!) in the Colorado tournament. You can find the nail-bitingly intense game against the Reapers on YouTube. Congrats Jamesy and Tom (Canberra) and Sammy and Sarah (Newcastle).

Meanwhile, SoulCake found themselves in Auckland with enough free time to drive a couple of hours north and be the first Aussies (but not the first International Juggers) to visit the players of the New Zealand Jugger League. While there may be some differences in game rules, SoulCake found the NZ Juggers to be friendly folks with a good appreciation of geekery and rum. Here’s hoping we see a NZ team at the DUI next year.

August and September are shaping up to be even bigger events on the Jugger calendar. Two Redbacks teams will be fielded in the Irish International Jugger Tournament and the 19th Deutsche Meisterschaft. We have some very competitive players again this year and a lot of sexy Redbacks jerseys to trade. Hopefully there will be time and wi-fi for updates on facebook/twitter for those who want to follow the tournaments and tour. That is, if we’re not too busy training, visiting old towns, catching European Pokémon and hanging out with the locals.



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2016/17 Memberships

Tuesday, 07 June 2016. - Claire Reeves

It's that time of year again, when we ask people to renew their membership with the AJL (or sign up for the first time - we're not an exclusive club here!). You can sign up for 2016/17 memberships via the website "Shop" menu. The direct link is

We ask you to become a member because we rely on membership fees to pay for things like:

  • Incorporation fees - these make getting money legal, and protect our members.
  • Buying and repairing gear - consider most spars are around $70 to make (plus someone's time and effort). Repairs occur for most club gear around once a year - the more popular/abused ones are 2-4 times a year. This is the massive recurring cost that occurs but without club gear we can't get new players, and we would struggle to field regular games.
  • Promotions - to grow bigger (and have more meat targets aka "people" to play against) we need to advertise.
  • Website fees - to maintain a presence online and host resources for the Jugger community.
  • First Aid - There is a first aid kit supplied every weekend that is restocked by the AJL.
  • Tournaments - There are costs involved in holding and promoting tournaments.

In addition to benefiting from all of the above, and helping Jugger to continue and to grow, financial members also influence the development of Jugger as a sport in Australia.
Ordinary members can run for elected committee positions and can vote on changes to the official rules of playing Jugger in Australia.
All financial members (Associate and Ordinary) are eligible to vote for committee positions.

Which brings me to the next point -  we will be holding an Annual General Meeting in the new financial year. Part of this will be electing committee members. There will be a thread going up on the forum sometime in the next couple of weeks where you can nominate to be on the committee or volunteer for non-elected roles.

Elected positions

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer

Appointed Positions

  • Secretary
  • Representatives of local Jugger clubs
  • Anything else for which you would like to volunteer

Sorry for the dry post, here's a link to dogs dressed in Disney costumes to thank you for reading it.

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Redbacks Jerseys

Wednesday, 18 May 2016. - Claire Reeves

available for pre-order NOW

Look at the menus at the top of this page. Now back at this post. Did you see a “Redbacks 2016 Jersey Order” menu?


You’re not wearing a 2016 Redbacks jersey - but you could be.


That’s right. From now until 30 May 2016 you can order your very own, limited edition Redbacks jersey. It will look something like this.

 Jersey Design


All you have to do is click on the “Redbacks 2016 Jersey Order” menu, fill in the form and be ready to pay* for your awesome Jugger jersey by 14 June 2016.


Anyone can order a supporters jersey, even international Juggers or non-Juggers who want a slice of the action. Personalised jerseys are available for people on the Redbacks teams going to Ireland/DM this year.


*Pay by direct bank deposit to either an Aussie or German bank account. If this doesn’t work for you, message Soul to ask about other options.

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There's Jugger All Over The Place!

Tuesday, 19 April 2016. - A.L. Anderson

It's wall to wall in there; with Juggery goodness!

Following the sucess of the Newcastle Tourney earlier in the year, two more domestic tournaments have been announced to round out 2016.  And if that isn't enough Juggery goodness for you, both the Irish International and the DM are to be attended by Australian cohorts this year - strap yourselves in, we're in for  some chop!

July 3rd - Brisbane The Northern stronghold invites everyone to come participate in a friendly tourney to welcome three possible new teams - Q.U.T., Ipswich and Gympie (read more on the forums) - to the Jugger fraternity, as well as hopefully seeing the rekindling of the flames with some Highland Dragons.  With the established local teams to conted with it'll sure be exciting as well as a lot of fun as we welcome some new players into the fold.  All interstate competitors welcome as well - share the fresh meat, I say!

 20-21st - Ireland To be sure, the tenth anniversary of Jugger in Ireland is to be celebrated!  And what better way then by visiting the Emerald Island partaking in some of the local colour, local booze and playing in a huge Jugger tournament!
This tournament is looking to be damn exciting, with teams from not just Ireland but many from Germany, a couple from Spain and even an American and Canadian team signed up to attend thus far!  With many teams listing high in the world  rankings it's sure to be a highly competitve tournament and a great way for us to experience the thrill of playing some of the worlds best Juggers!  You'll be green if you miss it!

3rd-4th September - Germany  That's right folks, the big one, the Duetsche Meisterschaft, is happening in early September in Waidhaus, Germany.  Drachenblut have put out the call to host the German Masters this year and Australia has responded heartily, with at least two teams pencilled in to attend.  This tour is shaping up to be amazing with not just the DM itself but it's closeness to the border offerening an exciting array of possible travel locations before and after the tournament.  Remember folks, this is the World Cup of Juggerdom, a truly unique experience and one you don't want to miss out on!

1st-2nd October - Canberra  Although still in the early stages of planning, this will be the premier Australian tournament of 2016.  Canberra will play host to all comers and the far-flung reaches of Jugger Australia descend on the nation's capital to revel in The Way of the One True Dog Skull!  With a variety of new teams as well as the might of Skullduggery, Mountain Men, The Big Bad Bees and The Space Pirates et al. to contend with this will be one hell of a Dogtown Throwdown, so don't miss out!  Plus the winner gets (as the Mountain King, Keiren, puts it) "a shiny new mug".

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Thursday, 24 March 2016. - A.L. Anderson



That's right, Vincent D'Ofrino, who played Young Gar (Chain) in Salute to the Jugger, wants to get his hands on a copy of Jugger TTG - if that's not celebrity endorsement, I don't know what is!

Don't let the big hollywood celebrities have all the fun now, get your copy too!


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Wednesday, 23 March 2016. - A.L. Anderson

Live on Kickstarted now!


Heard rumblings and rumors of a Jugger boardgame in the works?  Well folks, it's all true!  Stuart and Kristina of the Higland Dragons have just begun the kickstarter campaingn to bring you JUGGER TTG: DOGSKULL HEROES!


That right, a Jugger boardgame.  So you can Jugger even when you're not Jugger... ing.

JUGGER TTG is such a great simulation of sports Jugger, with all the action and excitement you'd expect in a tabletop shrine to the Way of the One True Dog Skull!

So follow the link and make a pledge, of any amount, to show your support, it's so appreciated.  You can even buy your way into the game and become one of the players and remember, 10% of profits is put aside as a fund to help establish Jugger in new places in the world!  So pledge now and let the domination continue!

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